Persian Fairy Floss

I was able to procure some Persian fairy floss the other day to show to one of my classes. The traditional name is Pashmak. It is made from sesame and sugar and is often flavoured with vanilla or pistachio. A common myth is that Pashmak is made with ant saliva, though this thankfully, is not true. The word Pashmak contains the Persian word pashm, meaning wool, so it translates to “wool-like”.Persian Fairy Floss

My flatmate described it best though. He said it was like eating carpet that dissolves in your mouth and actually tastes good for you. It’s not a grocery item that usually ends up in our shopping baskets, so it was quite a novelty.

If you can get hold of some yourself, try it as a final decoration on a variety of deserts (see my Mini Pavlovas). Or just eat it by the handful 😉

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