The Writer goes to White Castle

I am a Naturopath and generally don’t condone the consumption of fast food, but with the major role it plays in our society, it’s almost unavoidable. For the pure purpose of education, I promised to at least try some typical American fast food and report back to my students. This is a promise I categorically regretted after my visit to White Castle.

In the hit movie ‘Harold & Kumar go to White Castle’ this burger joint attained world famous recognition. It was the central objective of two college stoners with the munchies. After seeing an add for the restaurant, the two embark on a journey to obtain some White Castle sliders. It was this movie that prompted me to pause and sample this infamous fare.20110921-061116.jpg 

It was the smell that hit me first. I hadn’t even opened the bag when a funk I can only describe as a wet fish, smacked me in the nose. The actual slider (for those of you not abreast with burger terminology, is a small hamburger) looked like it had been sitting in a warmer for the last 3 days. It tasted like it had been there for longer still..


The typical bright yellow American cheese was the first recognisable component of this ‘so-called’ burger. The onions had a sharp, fetid smell that still lingers in my nostrils a day later. The meat was something else all together. It was sporting a greyish-brown tone that I would rather not see in a meat I’m about to consume. But, I did. All for the sake of education 😉

The taste reflected the odorous impression I had first arrived at. The bun was typically fluffy, yet sweet and greasy all at the same time. The taste however, was barely edible. I pressed on. The faint suggestion of rancid meat and noxious onions wasn’t enough to stop me from finishing this pocket-sized burger.

For the first hour or so following, aside from the lingering after-taste, I felt fine. It was later in the afternoon the stomach cramps kicked in and I knew then, my trip to White Castle was not a happy ever after Hollywood movie.

5 thoughts on “The Writer goes to White Castle

  1. That burger looks so disgusting…Maybe you should pay someone to eat all this food for you so you don’t have to eat it yourself! 🙂


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