Happiness is..

A wise (and I like to think woman) once said “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that’s kinda the same thing”. Well today, I paid a mere 5 dollars for two scoops of such happiness. ‘What flavour?’ I hear you ask. That’s one of the coolest things about ice cream (pardon the pun). It can be moulded and mashed into almost any flavour you desire. And today, I desired Peppercorn & Strawberry.

Now this is obviously not your average, run of the mill flavour. The likes of vanilla and even plain old strawberry don’t deserve to be scooped in the presence of such an extraordinary variation. It seemed an almost unheard of combination. Even after consulting my Flavour Thesaurus, it still remained a mysterious and exotic mish-mash that must be only found in the likes of Jock’s Ice-creams & Sorbets in Albert Park. But trusty old Google set me straight once again..

Apparently, the combination of Peppercorns and Strawberries is more commonplace than this girl was aware of. From ice-cream to chicken flavouring and macaroons. This flavour combination is as popular as Jocks is on a warm Spring day, after the school bell has chimed for the last time that week.

And as for the flavour. I can’t put it any better than the nine-year old I shared my scoops with; “It tastes like strawberries with just a sprinkling of pepper. Mmmm, nice” 🙂

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