Interview with a Nine year-old

E: I’m nine by the way

Me: I know, but thank you.

E: Why are you going to interview me about food?

Me: Cos food is awesome, don’t you think?

E: Yeah I guess it is. I really like food.

Me: Me too. So what’s you’re favourite food?

E: Umm. Either Butter chicken curry orr.. or yeah, curry. And lasagna

Me: Do you have a favourite desert?

E: Any kind of chocolate cake or fruit

Me: What’s your favourite fruit?

E: My favourite fruit is probably strawberry, or um watermelon. Is that a fruit?

Me: Yep

E: Watermelon yeah.

Me: What about vegetables?

E: My favoutite vegetable would have to be lettuce

Me: Lettuce, really?

E: Yeah, lettuce. And carrots. And purple carrots, cos they taste exactly the same but they’re purple and cool

Me: Can you cook anything?

E: I can only cook pancakes and boiled eggs, and what do you call them? Poached eggs? I can kinda cook them. Yeah.

Me: Who’s a better cook, Mum or Dad?

E: Well it depends on the food. If Dad’s cooking, like ah, something that Mum’s really good at cooking, he’s not that good at it. But if Mum’s cooking something like paella which Dad’s an expert at she’s not that good at that.

Me: What’s your Mum good at cooking?

E: Like risottos and cakes and stuff, and Dad’s good at paella. Mum’s good at curry and yeah, Dad’s good at paella. He’s really good at paella.

Me: When is your Dad making paella next?

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