Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award

Yesterday while checking my blog – when I should have been marking assignments – I discovered that the lovely Mira nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I was so grateful and so in response to the nomination, I have to follow the rules and nominate my top 15 WordPress blogs:

  1. Anyway, Anyway Anyway….
  2. Crunchy Tiger
  3. Eagle Eyed Editor
  4. Eat and…
  5. Hello Miss Ong
  6. Kiss My Spatula
  7. Lambs Ears and Honey
  8. Lamingtons and Lasagna
  9. Olive on Blonde
  10. Pink Chillies
  11. Simply Purely Healthy
  12. The Food Sage
  13. The Inquisitive Eater
  14. The Smiley Soybean
  15. The Subjectivist

As part of the rules I also have to list 7 random facts about myself, so here goes..

  1. I lived in a National Park until I was 8
  2. ..where I had a pet kangaroo
  3. I’m named after Carly Simon and Captain and Tenille
  4. I’m a Naturopath who’s worked in both Pizza Hut and McDonalds
  5. I want to learn to surf, but I’m too afraid of sharks
  6. Right now I live in the tallest building in the southern hemisphere
  7. I’m really good at starting things, but not finishing them

The Versatile Blogger Award


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