Cheap Lunch

It’s Tuesday today which in my world roughly translates to ‘Market day’. This doesn’t apply to every Tuesday, but tonight I’m cooking dinner for two of my most lovely friends and need some quality ingredients. Now I know I’ve mentioned these before, but I really didn’t give them the attention they deserve. And so I found myself once again, elbowing my way into the crowd at the borek stand of the Vic Market; waiting patiently for the promised ‘one minute’ for the ever popular spicy lamb borek to be expertly transferred from the oven in the rear to the girls at the counter. Within less than a minute, these doughy parcels of lamb, onion chili and parsley are gone and the wait starts again. Today I got lucky though and managed to grab myself a steaming hot borek on the first round. Getting it back to the office is always fraught with juggling the supplies for dinner and the skin-scorching borek wrapped in just a paper bag, but I managed it.

Borek stall at The Victoria MarketNow this isn’t the healthiest of lunches, but at $2.50 a pop, it can certainly be considered one of the cheapest! And if you do try them for yourself, just a word of advice: Don’t be afraid to use your elbows, and always have the right change.

The end of a spicy lamb borekAs for my dinner guests, I hope they enjoy the gluten-free roasted pumpkin, spinach and caramelised onion lasagne and the raspberry and rhubarb crumble tonight.

8 thoughts on “Cheap Lunch

  1. These are my Tuesday breakfast without fail. Always lamb, always too hot to eat, always that much too bready or too soggy or too crispy, but always delicious.


  2. Borek sounds yum! And so does the dinner you cooked! I wish I had your time and energy so I could cook such lovely dinners! 🙂


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