One Year Old

My humble little blog is one year old. Which makes me feel even worse that I’ve been neglecting it of late. It’s a little conceited of me to apologise for this as I’m pretty sure none of you have been sitting there with baited breath, waiting for my next post, but I do feel a little bad that I’ve been so slack.
I did mention earlier that I would be rather busy with more study, moving house and the start of the latest school semester, but honestly it’s likely my new found obsession with Pinterest is more to blame than anything else. This confession makes me cringe but it is a more honest reflection of how I have been spending my spare time.

Though as it’s been a year, it has made me reflect on just what I’ve achieved since starting this little project.

My initial motivation for it, apart from combining my love of food and writing, was that I needed a writing portfolio in order to be accepted into the Food Writing Graduate Certificate course at Adelaide University. I was accepted, and I have since matriculated. In fact my suitably embossed and overall expensive piece of paper should be arriving in the mail within the next month. Even though my initial reason was the course, I decided to keep up the blogging because I found myself really enjoying it. Plus it keeps my brain (and stomach) happy.

American Food pictures
I also visited family in the States this past year and realised just how much I love and miss them every day. They were amazingly fun when it came to food and drink, going out of their way to ensure I tried all the things Minnesota had to offer. I also met some beautiful people – some of which have made their own contributions to this project – who I have kept in contact with and vow to visit again. It’s amazing how social media and the like make us feel like we’re not so far away.
I also owe the last year to rekindling an old flame. I met my ‘man friend’ (let’s finally call im Mr M) in a crowded bar many years ago. I still remember experiencing the clichéd ‘eye-lock’ across the room. For whatever reason, it fell apart and we went our separate ways; keeping minimally in touch. But once again, thanks to social media, we are back in each other’s lives and things are looking up. We’re also about to celebrate our own one year milestone. Time changes people in different ways and sometimes that’s all it takes to realise what you may have been missing.

The Locavore officeI’ve also started more study; undertaking a Professional Editing and Proofreading course. I figure if I want to take this writing caper any further I need some nuts and bolts to hold it together. Along with working on my writing skills, I’m still working with the amazingly talented people at The Locavore Edition. We are almost ready to start the writing process for their next publication, The Field Guide to NSW Produce. Stay tuned! (The Victorian Guide is already available on the website)

My cat and my gumbootsAnd to round out my year, I moved into a house. Just me and my cat (but not in a crazy way). I felt it was time for some space for me to get out into a garden and back into my writing, photography and sewing; all hard things to do in a shared apartment on the 19th floor; though that type of living was an unbelievable experience.

Views from my old apartmentSo as I blow out the candle on my favourite salted caramel cupcake, I have but one wish: that you continue to enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it, and that I will be blowing out two candles in twelve months’ time. cx

Salted caramel cupcake

18 thoughts on “One Year Old

  1. Carly your an amazing person – a great photographer, writer, and inspire’er of life. Thanks for brightening our days with your blog 🙂


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  3. Hi Carly, belated congratulations on your blog’s first birthday. I heard about your blog at SSNT and love the themes you’re exploring. Great photos too! I’m at 🙂


      • Thanks! I’m actually studying PR at RMIT, which is how I got into blogging. I was just at SSNT catering for their Trade Show yesterday with New Earth Catering. (We specialise in organic, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free catering.) Do you lecture there?


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