About the Writer

I am a Naturopath and self proclaimed foodie living in Melbourne. I grew up in country Victoria and still love all that it has to offer. But I just love this beautiful city. Nothing beats it.

I have a degree in Complementary Medicine, post-graduate qualifications in Food Writing and am studying a Masters in Public Health.

I lecture in Nutrition and hope to inspire my students to surround themselves with good food and share it with the people they love.

I also tend to dabble in photography when I have the time (check out my gorgeous friend’s website for some more examples). I also love sewing and most things creative. I own way to many books –  not just about food – and one day I’ll read them all! I could also spend all day rummaging in antique and second-hand stores.

I have spent some time writing for The Locavore Edition as part of their editorial team and have also just had a short story published in a new book called ‘Dining Alone’.

Field Guide to NSW Produce

My dream is for a sustainable food future. I have a hunger for good food, and the stories people have to share about it. I hope you enjoy reading mine. Buon appetito!

Food Photography

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Disclaimer: All work/photos and views posted on this blog are my own unless stated otherwise and are protected by copyright. If quoting my work please give credit by copying the link to this blog or email me. I don’t mind sharing, but please give credit where it is due.

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